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Chewy or Crunchy?

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Maybe you're a bit 'unconventional' in comparison to your other parent-friends. Have you heard the term “crunchy mom” or “granola?” No? Neither did I.

That is, until I had my second child. If you do any of the following, you may be crunchy…

  • Gave birth at home – BY CHOICE!

  • Homeschool your children

  • Do not vaccinate your child

  • Do not believe in circumcision

  • Eat only organic foods

  • Buy “raw milk” and own chickens

  • The thought of eating your placenta doesn’t freak you out

  • Cloth diaper your babies

  • Babywear

  • Co-Sleep or bedshare

  • For

bid T.V. or any screen time for your children

…and can name a few other things I missed!

Ok, so maybe you don’t do ALL or most of these things, but you’re keen on some of them? Well consider yourself — Chewy!

At least, that’s what I like to call myself. The ironic part about all of this, is that my ancestors and some of yours, have been doing these things since the beginning of time. What we now call ‘attachment parenting,’ is what many parents in other countries do because that is what they’ve always done.

Whatever you decide, however you parent, I know that you are your child’s best advocate! I support YOU in your decisions.

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